The Affiliated High School of Peking University Access Scholarship

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Extracurricular Activities and Community Service
Please list the extracurricular activities in which the applicant has participated in during the past two years
Applicant Essays: Please answer the following essays in English.
1、Why do you want to attend The Dalton Academy and how would you fit into our style of education?
2、Please describe a book that affect you and explain its impact
3、Who is your personal hero and why?
4、What is your biggest accomplishment and what would you bring to the Dalton Community?
5、Please provide any additional information about yourself that may be helpful to the Admissions Office such as special interests, hobbies, personality and etc.
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How did you learn about the Dalton Academy?
Has the applicant repeated any grades?
Does the applicant have any health, physical developmental or learning concerns?
Has the applicant been prescribed medication for attention deficit, hyperactivity or other emotional needs?
If so, is the applicant receiving medication at this time?